Mikes camp is situated in a location that offers a huge array of enjoyment. It stretches from being ideally romantic and relaxed to offer action packed family holidays with more than enough activity to keep kids and adults constantly entertained. Some people choose to stay here for two weeks because they feel there missing out if they don’t!

The constant change of the tides throughout the month opens up different opportunities each day, exposing different reefs, beaches, ancient ruins, and natural caves all offering a new adventure. The winds and sea currents change throughout the year too, which satisfies different activities weather you’re a keen fisherman, diver or kite boarder. Every day satisfies those looking for a perfect empty beach, sunshine and warm blue sea.Or simply choose to relax in a hanging bed under a shady tree and absorb this gentle heaven.

The Beach Side:

The beach side offers 7 miles of untouched beach with hammock and cushion clad beach huts for shade. Step off the beach and enjoy some of the best snorkelling around. Or take a walk up the beach and collect shells and discover caves along the rock pools and cliffs. Other beach activities include: sand yachts, kite boarding, body board surfing and beach kites.

The Creek Side:

On the creek side a whole different ecosystem exists with fantastic bird watching on offer viewed from kayaks or dhows. Watch monkeys play on the shoreline or snorkel in different coral gardens.  Learn to water-ski in glassy waters or swim off the jetty in the crystal clear calm water. Other creek activities include laser sailing, doughnutting, banana boating and wake-boarding.

Swahili Culture:

Take in some Kiwayu culture the Swahili way by spending a morning in the local villages Chandani, and Kiwayu. The beauty of the island is that you can walk anywhere hassle free. All villagers are more than happy to welcome you in and show you how they live and maybe teach you some local crafts. Spend an hour or two fishing on local dhows, walk the mangroves and learn the traditional way of hunting mangrove crabs, discover some of our many hidden ancient ruins, find some treasure! Or take a day trip to the cultural town of Lamu for sightseeing, and great shopping.

The Wildside:

The wild side offers you a vast expanse of wilderness packed with mammals, fish and birds. Mike’s camp is lucky to be based in the Kiunga marine reserve with the Dadori and Boni on the mainland.  We are thus surrounded by an abundance of wildlife protected by the government; cheetah, leopard, buffalo, antelope, hippo and the likes can be spotted on the mainland. Game drives are offered. On the island we can get small animals such as bushbuck porcupines, vervet monkeys, genet cats, caracals, servil cats, hyena occasionally swim over to the island and lion have been known to visit in the past. The marine mammals are seen in abundance. Whales migrate through from September to late January. Dolphins are seen throughout the year and often allow us swim with them. Turtles visit the island to nest in February onward and hatchlings begin in April through to September. (For more conservation information link to local conservation and community benefits.)


Diving is fantastic from mid-October to mid-December and again from mid-January through to the end of March. In these months the wind drops and water clears offering very adventuress dives. The unspoilt archipelago does offer an abundance of fish life for the dive enthusiast with plenty of exciting species to tick off on the list as well as beautiful underwater terrain of drop offs corals and wrecks. Dive sites include a wreck dive, creek drift dives, and coral garden dives and off shore dives on the knolls.  we have enough equipment for 8 divers. Steve Curtis of aqua ventures Watamu is our first choice instructor who will lead all dives. He is probably one of the best-known divers on the Kenyan coast. (Please pre notify us if you are interested in diving.)

Day Trips:

At mikes camp we regularly take our speedboats north or south to different snorkelling spots, and to empty beaches, coral caves and islands. This usually involves picnics of crab, lobster, fish caught on the way, bottles of rose and fresh oysters chipped off the rocks. If you wish you can camp overnight out on a beach. A day out on the Kyaks navigating the mangove channels and snorkelling in the coral gardens with Green turtles is also great local day trip. We have it all… to be enjoyed!


Some of the best fishing on the Kenyan coast takes place a mile offshore Kiwayu island. This is a huge attraction to those serious fishermen. Mikes Camp has two smaller fishing boats at the camp that will take you out for a fun days fishing for sailfish, tuna, dorado, skip jack, wahoo, marlin etc. or creek fishing for snapper, rock cod, trivalli, bone fish (rare) and many more species. For those who wish to get serious i.e. Catch a sailfish on fly; we will book you onto a skippered deep sea fishing boat that operates in the area. Cheza, Shakina and little Toot all offer experienced and fun crew and an experience of a lifetime. (Link to rates)

Scenic Flights:

Early morning or late evening scenic flights with air Lamu in a five seated Cessna or a two-seated super cub is the true way to spoil yourself. This is an ultimate experience. Flying low over beaches and crystal clear seas and into the Dadori and Boni reserves buzzing over huge herds of buffalo or a pool of hippo and waving good morning to a Boni cattle herder as he lets his stock out of the kraal whilst listening to music through your earphones will give you that “out of Africa” memory. Top it off by landing on our beach for a champagne breakfast. Book through us. (Link to rates)


Yoga mikes camp has a calling for yoga enthusiasts with all the simple elements existing for the yogi in many of us. It is a perfect place to unwind. We offer relaxed hatha yoga classes for beginners to the more advanced.  Classes are taken on the beach, in the banda’s, on the hills or on the creek jetty all surrounded in an abundance of beauty and calm. If we are putting on yoga week / weekend deals we will notify all on the blog.  The camp will change its menu to satisfy vegetarian cuisine with all fresh fruits and vegetables supplied. (Link to rates)


Kite Boarding:

Take a 3 day course in Kite boarding with some of kenyas top Kiters, Zan Woods, Max Melesi or Ollo Nicklin. These young professional kiters run a kite boarding business out of watamu and are set with boards and kites and ready to join you at Mikes Camp. Kiwayu provides a great variety of safe locations for kiters take the calm waters of the creek, the surf on the beach or kite off sand bars on the south end. Or for the more Adventures catch a dhow north to Kui Bay, camp overnight and kite all day. Let us know if your interested in kiting Courses in advance. Mikes Camp is also equip with kites and boards for those who have kiting experience. (check rates)