Dolphins in Simumbaya Bay

By Ani Posted Jan 24th 2016 At 3:05PM

Dolphins in Simumbaya Bay. Mikes Camp is here to stay. Love Your Local Ocean

Dolphins in Simumbaya Bay. Mikes Camp is here to stay. Love Your Local Ocean

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Bliss Out Weekend Offer.

By Ani Posted Apr 1st 2015 At 5:17AM

DSC_0116Mikes Camp is offering a perfect beach and body bliss week end for those of you needing some R&R. The week end is being held on the 24th – 27th April and includes cocktail evenings, dhow sunset cruise, barefoot glam dress evening, a picnic of oyster picking and rose wine, bliss out on the long beach,  large spacious rooms, massage and healthy fresh delicious food, plenty of sashimi, seared tuna and cheviche! book now at $150 per night.


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Swim with Turtles Mikes Camp Kiwayu Island

By Ani Posted Mar 31st 2015 At 5:06AM

Green Turtle Kiwayu Bay


A short trip to the Kiwayu coral gardens up the creek is a fun thing to do at mikes Camp. In this one of our many snorkeling spots, you are bound to come across hawksbill and green turtles. Used to humans, if you dive down gently you can get right up close to them and swim alongside. Experience this at Mikes Camp Kiwayu! This month many turtles are returning to our beaches to lay, already we have 15 nests along the island and are counting down the days till hatching time.

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Virtual view of the Bar

By Jake Posted Feb 16th 2015 At 2:21PM

Have a look around our Bar with this amazing virtual tour!

inside the mess by jakeii on photosynth

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Gorgeous sunset over the creek

By Jake Posted Aug 5th 2013 At 6:59AM

Gorgeous sunset over the creek and mainland viewed from Creek 2 at Mike’s Camp Kiwayu. Speed x18.

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MIkes Camp is Open!

By Ani Posted Aug 3rd 2013 At 9:39AM

hello friends,

Just to let you know Mikes Camp Kiwayu Island has re opened after its long off season, the island is lush and green, turtles are visiting the beach to lay their eggs and bookings are coming in fast. so pack your hat and sunnies and come join us for another unbeatable fun filled holiday.

Karibu Kiwayu. with love, Mike

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Mikes Camp Kiwayu Holiday Deal

By Ani Posted Mar 19th 2013 At 10:03AM

Mikes Camp is a well known fishing destination with all big game fish being found only a kilometer offshore. The camp is fully equipt for fishing excursions with knowledgeable Skippers and two sea worthy boats

The camp is a small unique seven banda camp. Your rooms are spacious and set with 360 views of the open ocean or the creek. Bucket showers are loaded with sun heated water for the evening and the sunset bar is well stocked. At Mikes We feast of fresh crab and fish in abundance, Eating out under the star studded sky.

Every day here is ruled by the tides and is unique in itself we do day trips out to other secluded beaches, Kids never run out of things to do here.

Take a boat or dhow from Lamu and hour and a half by speed boat or sail by dhow for a real adventure, or fly by Air Lamu and land on our beach for an ultimate experience. If this sounds like your kind of place please get in touch with us for more information or
follow the Facebook and web posts at or Facebook: Mikes Camp Kiwayu.

We have a resident rate running at the moment until the end of October of $150 US adults and children at half price.. Non residents at $200 US

All the Best.
+254 (0) 718004920

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By Ani Posted At 9:54AM

Sail Away....and Discover Islands and blue seas

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Underwater World

By Ani Posted Mar 17th 2013 At 9:15AM

Underwater World

The Seas been perfect for plenty of snorkelling here are some more pictures from recent dives.

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More snorkeling, the oceans still great..

By Ani Posted At 8:43AM

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