By Ani Posted Mar 9th 2013 At 3:36PM

Kiwayu Island Beach

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Sing us a Song.

By Ani Posted Mar 8th 2013 At 7:58PM

time out

 Charlie and Carol sing a Duet

Amber and Carol
Amber and Carol. Mikes Camp Kiwayu Island

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By Ani Posted Mar 5th 2013 At 4:29PM

around the Island

Yesterday we circum navigated the North end of Kiwayu Island by snorkeling, walking and Kyaking. It was a real adventure, with shell coves and coral rock pools craggy cliffs and a delishous picnic lunch. This day trip is always availible for the fit and adventurous at Mikes Camp Kiwayu Island.

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Mikes Sunset Pic, with Tigger.

By Ani Posted Mar 1st 2013 At 7:44AM

Sunset Mikes Camp Kiwayu Island

Sunset Mikes Camp Kiwayu Island, Come Join Mike For yet another…Majical Sunset in Kiwayu 🙂

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Escape the Nairobi Elections, Join us in Paradise.

By Ani Posted Feb 27th 2013 At 1:19PM

KasiKasi Moored outside Mikes Camp

The Camps been buzzing for the last week and we love this! with planes doing beach lands,yaghts sailing in, a full moon party and long sunny days. The wind has dropped and the Oceans fab, Anybody feel like escapeing the Nairobi Elections?

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Arrive in Style

By Ani Posted At 1:02PM

Arrive in Style

Arrive in Style, fly in with Manda Bay and do a beach land on Mikes Camp Kiwayus Doorstep, like our geusts did yesterday.

arrive in style

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Hey, hey! the oceans looking good today…

By Ani Posted At 12:33PM


Ive just read on the internet these beautiful scares are on the increase in the world! The coral gardens carnivores.

Jaka & Freddie

Jaka & Freddie on full alert! These two have been here for ever, so local!

Silver Moonies

Silver Moonies!

Silver Moonies

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By Ani Posted Feb 25th 2013 At 12:10PM


Kiwayu Beach Fly By

These guys know how to have Fun. Using the Kiwayu beach to skim across on there way north 4 super cubs graced us with their visit. Live the dream at Mikes Camp Kiwayu!

Supercub Fly by

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paradise found

By Ani Posted Feb 21st 2013 At 7:23AM

Olive Ridley Turtle, Coral Gardens in the Creek.

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Swimming in the Creek this Morning, I saw….

By Ani Posted Feb 20th 2013 At 3:26PM

Surgen Fish and Parrot Fish

the creek coral gardens resident Surgen and Parrot fish are all still here and doubled in size since a year ago!

Olive Ridley Turtle

So nice to see this chap, Olive Ridley Turtle, Although I did have to dive down deep to find him.


The Clown Fish are thriving! theres a whole garden of sea anenimes with Clownfish in every one a really spectacular site!

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