Mikes Camp is located on Kiwayu Island, one of the many unspoiled idyllic islands of the Lamu archipelago.

Two degrees south of the equator along Kenya’s Northern coast, the archipelago is a chain of islands separated from the mainland by a narrow channel. The channel is bordered with dense mangrove forest and protected from the Indian Ocean by coral reefs and sand dunes. Kiwayu Island is by far the most beautiful place to stay, for it is stunningly undeveloped and remote.

On one side of the island lies the magnificent mangrove creek, fantastic for water sports, snorkelling, bird watching and light tackle fishing. It is protected from the weather all year round.

On the other side, 7 miles of white sand beach and turquoise waters of the Indian

Ocean. It offers one of the only beaches in Kenya, on which you can walk for miles without seeing a single soul. With many caves and coves to explore there is again the spectacular snorkelling over a myriad of coral reefs.

Mike’s camp sits on top of the dunes with amazing views and access to both the creek and ocean.

The island is 12 miles long and half a mile wide. There are two small villages on the island, although fresh water is scarce. The villagers make their living from fishing off the enchanting dhow boats, whose white sails glide across the horizon. The women weave matting from palm trees and create world famous art pieces from the colourful flip flops that wash up upon the shore.

The area has been preserved in a state of natural beauty by the work of The Kenya Wildlife Service, who declared the surrounding 250 square miles a national marine reserve in 1979. Kiunga National Reserve provides the feeding and sheltering grounds for sea turtles, dugong, dolphins, whales, fish, and bird life.

Adjacent to the marine reserve on the main land, are the Dodori and Boni National Parks, which whilst protected for African animals, have not yet been developed for tourism. We are in a fantastic location and well connected to arrange car and air safaris into these amazing reserves with hippo, crocodiles, elephants, buffalo and other African animals.


Kiwayu has a dry Arid temperature for most of the year there is little to no humidity. There is plenty of sunshine and during the Months of late May to July we have annual rains. The camp closes from Mid May to the end of June. We have little problems with Malaria but sleep with Mosquito nets anyway. Check out Kiwayu Seasons.

How to get to Kiwayu:

Kiwayu is an hour and a half by speed boat from Lamu town or 6 hours by dhow. It is a two hour flight from Nairobi direct to the Kiwayu airstrip. The airstrip is a 15 minute boat ride and 10 minute car journey from the island.


Lamu is a 5 hour journey from Malindi by car. From there we dont advise people to drive to kiwayu. Not advisable to use the road as it is often in bad condition. (we will notify when it is fixed…if ever!) Recently we have had geusts do a motor bike safari from Lamu to Kiwayu which they enjoyed as it was truely an “off road ” experience.


2 hours from Nairobi to Kiwayu/Lamu, fly with our selection of airlines.

Air Lamu: The worlds smallest Airline flies out of Lamu Air field doing chartered flights and buisness schedules around kenya. Fly in a 5 pax Cessna, a 1 pax Supercub or a 5 pax Saratoga. Mix this journey in with a scenic flight. An ultimate experience. http://airlamu.com/


+254 715 332 707
Air Kenya: Flies to lamu from Nairobi Wilson Airport daily. http://www.airkenya.com/ resvns@airkenya.com
+254 203 916 000

Flies directly to the kiwayu as well as Lamu from Wilson Airport, Nairobi. Here you will be picked up by car and transported to the island. A 10 minute car journey and 15 minute boat ride away.

http://www.flysafarilink.com/ res@flysafarilink.com
+254 206 000 777 +254 206 000 787
Fly540: Possibly the cheapest airline. Fly 540 flies direct from Jomo Kenyatta air port Nairobi to Lamu. This is a usefull airline to use if you wish to link straight from the international terminal and out to Lamu. http://www.fly540.com/ info@fly540.com
+254 722 540 540 +254 733 540 540

Speed boat:

Notify our booking office and the transfer from Lamu to Kiwayu will be organized for you, directed by the tides. A One and a half hour journey. rates

Dhow Sailing Boat:

Mikes Camp offers a fully decked out Dhow set for comfort with cushions, kitchen, cold drinks and crew. This journey tends to take 5 to 6 hours. Sailing can be enjoyed day and night (if theres a moon). A relaxed and fun experience if you have the time. rates